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1 My car's got engine trouble中的's原形是has。2 engine是名词作定语。engine trouble=an engine problem
sor1 死亡头盔 rst1 Ling 魂酒箱 I002 生锈的矿镐 I012 Xiong 怪爪 I022 温暖的衣服 I032 Wa 拉几亚帝国
问:he's up to date with the European market He's with the product development 答:is=>be up to is 根据句义判断,is apartment, with…短语作伴随 区别:可以根据句子意思判断出是“is”,"has"(动词或助动词) has+done or has+n.
TWN1 城镇大厅或者大厅或者生命之树或者大墓地 sor1 rst1魔杖 I002 男道士I02S 铜矿石 tcas 小城堡 shas
006 H-57322-001 H-57322-002 dutyshock absorbers Hendrickson’sHAS air suspension hightorque engines.
it's gone 12已经过了12点,这里的中文说过了十二点 强调事情发生后的结果 当然不是现在进行时 has gone
临沂二模)The patient's family has expressed their_to the press in letters for the money raised.
第三人称加s 一个人时加s,多人和你用have,表一人用has with表附带 复数和三单的时候
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